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Valorant inspired VFX

Full showcase of the effect. The circle at the end is meant to remain longer than anything else as this indicates to the player where the last person died.

A video showing the effect with a character to show the context the effect should be displayed in.

Collage of images of the finished effect. From start to end.

Collage of images of the finished effect. From start to end.

This is an project I created to mimic the effects in Valorant for last kill when you have a special skin. The goal was to study the structure of such an effect and develop my knowledge and ability within VFX.

The effect is created in Unreal with there new VFX and particle system Niagara. It uses a number of different emitters that together create the finished effect. The largest parts of the effect is anticipation in the form of the smaller "prism" particles which, together with the circle on the ground, initialize the effect. The effect culminate in a explosion of "prism" meshes. The shader on the "prism" meshes use maskes so that the effect can happen quickly without popping. The big "prisms" are then replaced with smoke particles as they are masked away to create the effect of the "prism" becoming smoke and then dissipating. Finally, the effect end with all the aspects that are left disapering to only leave the circle on the ground that shows where the last player died.

The time frame of the development was about 20 days on which I worked 3 hours.